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In The Splendour Of Your Love : The Love Factor – Eth Studios

I wait for you to spread your strong arms, Embracing me with the magic of your charms; Like the high tide of the serene blue sea, Your passion captures and rolls over me; You calm me with the power of your breeze, With an enticing suffocating and naughty tease; My heart gets drenched in the […]Continue reading “In The Splendour Of Your Love : The Love Factor – Eth Studios”

The Truth Of Love : Love Within – Eth Studios

The Love you seek Is a Love within, Love that is calling To a Love without; Yet the Love without Is the Love within. A Love that yearns And knows Love’s home, For Love is lost, When we Love alone. “The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing […]Continue reading “The Truth Of Love : Love Within – Eth Studios”

Heart breaking: The Love Factor — Eth Studios

The days draw painfully long, my love without you in it The night a torturous silence, my love when you are not in my bed A meal for two, my love is now a punch in my gut and I cannot eat a morsel thank you, my love let me thank you for a lesson […]Continue reading “Heart breaking: The Love Factor — Eth Studios”